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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Seems to be a Theme

Bloggies and Bloggarinas--
Most of you know how much I love a good party, yes?  I love going to them and I love throwing them!  Especially if they have a theme.  I know not everyone loves a theme, but well.. I do.  So, with the 2nd annual Cinco de Myra coming up on May 5th-- I got to thinking about all of the theme parties I've hosted in the past.  I thought I'd give you a little rundown starting all the way back in 2004.  Feel free to make complete and total fun of me via your comments or steal some ideas...  Whatever's more your style.  :)

The Year: 2004.  The Occasion:  Mel, Emily, and My's housewarming Party at 907 Winston Place:
I had recently returned from a month long backpacking trek through Europe with Kelly Kirk and Susanna Stringer.  We met friends,  Jake, Jonathan, and Matt ( all pictured below) and they traveled all the way from their home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida to Nashville for the party that started it all... Keggeroke:
*Sidenote-- Kelly couldn't make it because she was [and is] a really big deal in Washington D.C., but Susanna is the blond bombshell pictured below (currently a very big deal in Austin, TX).  Oh-- How I miss those girls!

It consisted of exactly what it sounds like-- a keg (2 of them in fact) and everyone's favorite--- a little Karaoke!  
But the most fun here came in the form of the "prom pics" that Mel, Emily, and I thought we should add to the party -- just for good measure:
What I really love about all these pictures (and all the pictures that follow)--- is the consistency of friends in the cast and crew.  How blessed I am to have such lasting relationships with such awesome people.
Moving right along--- The year: 2007.  The Occasion: Zach D. and Yennie's birthday party.  The theme:  Warm it Up with Zach D. and Yen:  To be clear-- Zach and Yen share a similar birthday, so they'd get together upon occasion for a little joint celebration.  I'm not sure why it always ended up at MY house... but it did and here is what ensued.  Pretty amazing... if I do say so myself.  You either go big or go home, people.  Go big or go home:

 I bedazzled the seat of my pink warm-up pants with my name... and the only pictures I can find of myself are of that....and only that.  I'll spare you the pain of seeing it--- because I'm pretty sure that my momma reads this...  Just know that the pants rocked.  Hard. 

I'm going to leave you all with one final picture that I feel must be included.  I call it
"EPIC Game of Flip-Cup":
It's hard to find the words to summarize the next party as it remains very near and dear to my heart.  The year: 2005, 2006, 2007 AND 2008.  The Occasion: It's flipping HOT in July.  The Theme:  Sip & Slide:

You got it, kids.  Boat drinks and a  couple of oversized slip & slides made for one phenomenal yard party four years in a row.  It started quaintly-- 20 or 30 people showed up in 2005... Our best good friends Grace and Shelly moved in next door in 2006, however.  "The Compound" was born and by the final Sip & Slide party in 2008, there were HUNDREDS of people in attendance.  So many good memories with good friends.  I've pulled pics from all four years and posted them here because they basically all look the same:

My brother would come up and fry catfish for everyone courtesy of my sweet Daddy!

 And the 2nd year of Sip & Slide, my best good friend Laura Frazier happened to be in attendance.

 She met my brother there.. and would you even believe it???-- They got MARRIED a year and half later!
Sometimes I can't even believe it!  So see-- a very special party indeed.

Moving on...

The year: 2008.  The Occasion:  Zach & Yen's birthday party (again).  The Theme: CELEB-brate (come as a celebrity or famous couple).

We rolled out the red carpet and the celebrities came in droves.  Here's a look at just a few:
Yoko & John
Mary and Joseph
Deb & Napoleon
Lorena & John Bobbit 
Priscilla & Elvis
Slash & Brett Michaels
Pamela Anderson

And what's a birthday party without a cake, right?  
I slaved over this all day... and it was so much FUN!  Ha.

Okay--winding down here... sort of... The year: 2010 (May 5th, 2010).  The occasion: Celebration of Mexican Pride and Heritage.  The Theme: Cinco de Myra

Let me just preface the post about this party by stating that it had all the elements needed to be a fantastic time! ... And then--- the flood hit Nashville on May 1 & 2.

I sent out an email canceling the festivities noting that "SINKO de Myra" would no longer be happening because of the damage I'd received due to the flood waters.  A few of my friends convinced me, however, that "the show must go on!"  At least for very select few that I didn't mind having come over to a house with no air conditioning and a yard full of debris...

My band, "The Porch Swingers," still played and we had a pretty good time despite it all.  I'd post a picture of "The Porch Swingers" except I only have two, and I look like a hippopotamus in both of them.  Better luck this year, I guess, as I am planning to host it again, and we are planning to play. If you're reading this, and are in the Nashville area-- mark your calendar.  I'd love for you to stop by!  I'll post more details soon at facebook page near you.

And last but not least--- there is the small matter of my birthday party this year.
The year: 2010.  The Occasion: My 30th Birthday.  The Theme: Thirty Dancing.

It was a stellar way to ring in my thirties. I think I'm done with the birthday celebrations from here on out, but I'll always remember Thirty Dancing.  If I could change one thing about it-- I'd appoint one person as photographer... Most of the pics I have from that night are of me and my family.  Almost the whole gang made it in town for the festivities.  :)
I have to say that my favorite part was the movie "Dirty Dancing" playing on repeat on the flatscreen TV.
I got to dance with my Daddy:
And Brother Brian:
And ended the night with my girls... Exactly where this 30 year old is happiest and should be.

I consider it a privilege to share my world with you all and get to write a little bit... as I have always loved to do.  Thanks for reading!

Yours ever,

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Myriad of All Things Random. #Winning!

Hi all!  I had such a great weekend enjoying the FABULOUS weather with some of my dearest friends.  What fun!  Spring is in the air.  I can just FEEL it!!  
I also really loved watching the SEC Tournament over the past few days. Basketball is definitely my favorite sport to watch.  In the first place, Mississippi State is always pretty good at this particular game and you all know how much I love WINNING.  It's not everything,----sure... but it's pretty damn important---- who are we kidding?  Secondly-- I actually understand the rules of the game and can always tell who has the ball, as opposed to the game of football.  I never know who's got it or what's happening unless someone is scoring a touchdown.  Seriously.  What else do you need to know, really...?  The score at the end of the game.  That's it.   Mississippi State put forth a great effort on Friday night, but alas-- fell to Vanderbilt.  I was happy for Kentucky to win the whole thing though.  Mostly because I've met three Kentucky fans in recent weeks.  All cute, fun, male and single... what's not to root for in that scenario?!  Also-- I really like that color blue.

And speaking of "winning,"-- can we please take a moment to discuss the big giant ball of CRAZY that is walking around and running his mouth and calling himself Charlie Sheen?!  Truly unbelievable.  I could talk about this all day.  It's almost better than the time that Britney Spears shaved her head...  I said almost.  I'm intrigued and perplexed and don't believe for one second that this man is sober.  I don't have much experience with substance abuse but in the words of one of my friends that does:  "Any self-respecting addict can pass a drug test!"  
Ha!  What I really can't understand is HOW he keeps finding these women to marry him -----and procreate!!  It's insane, ---albeit superbly entertaining.   I just hope we aren't all sitting around watching this man's last days because that would be a sad way to leave this earth on so many levels.  Not to mention EMBARRASSING.  I'm rooting for a Charlie Sheen comeback!  And I've been praying for him.  Sometimes I refer to him in my prayers as "Carlos Esteban."  I don't know why.  I just figure God knows who I'm talking about either way.  

Moving on...   I floss twice, sometimes three times a day and get such a feeling of accomplishment when I get to the end of a package of dental floss!  
I get the complete and total opposite feeling when I find myself at the end of a bottle of Advil. Just sayin.

This brings me to the topic of leftovers.  I don't have a segue (pronounced "segway"... really?  who knew?,) but I do feel like it's worth mentioning that whenever I have leftovers, I mentally wrestle (rather intensely) about whether or not to cover them with Saran wrap or or aluminum foil.  Saran wrap?  Or foil?  Saran wrap or foil?  I never know what I want to use more.  I don't even really know why I buy both, really.  One of life's great quandaries...  Anybody else out there have this particular struggle?  I had a couple of girls over the other night and as I was covering the leftover chicken rollups I was just praying they couldn't see the absolute anguish on my face as I was deciding which way to go.  I just knew that they were going to!  The three bottles of wine consumed probably distracted them a little. 

Also-- I bought some new face wash recently by Neutrogena and I love it because it makes my whole face feel like an Altoid.  You must try it if you haven't already!  It's the deep clean cream cleanser.  Amazing! 
 Don't forget that Brad Womack chooses his lady tonight and my girl, Emily is still in the running!  I should really start laying some money down on these shows as I have predicted correctly from the beginning the last three shows.  Even Hollywood Bob was wrong this time.  I can not wait to watch it I tell you! 

That's all I have for you today, folks.  I hope you all have the happiest of Mondays! 
Yours ever,