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Monday, July 26, 2010

B - b - b- Beach!

Hello friends,
I've just arrived back from a whole week at the beach with my family.  It was relaxing.  I don't have any pictures because-- well-- my family is just really bad about remembering to take them... but trust me when I say that I am the tannest I've ever been in my WHOLE LIFE!  Probably not the best idea, seeing as how I'm dangerously close to turning 30, and wrinkles are, at this point, more frightening than death.... But I will have you all know that applied sunscreen religiously (SPF 50!) and STILL managed to burn... and then--miraculously--it turned to tan!  That's pretty much how it has always worked for me.  I'd like to blame this on the fact that I'm a fair-skinned red head, but truth be told-- I have no idea what my hair color actually is...

I finally finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Loved it. An engrossing mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed, it had been a while since I had read one.  I was obsessed with Mary Higgins Clark in high school, and I think I read everything she ever wrote. 

I always picture people to look the same in books.  I've decided it's strange.  I mean--if the author says the heroine is a brunette-- I've got my mental image.  I need not know anything else.  If the leading male character is blonde.  Check check-- I'm going to picture him looking like a live Ken doll no matter what other descriptive imagery I'm given.  I've done this for years.  I also read a scandalous, purely entertaining, (great beach read) entitled Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.  Hollywood is currently filming a movie out of this book, and I know this.  One of the main characters, Darcy Rhone, is going to be played by Kate Hudson.  I have this knowledge and still-- the second I read that she was a tan attractive blonde-- I went to the go-to blonde figment of my imagination that I've pictured in every other book I've ever read since the age of 12.  Hmmmmm....  lack of imagination?  Perhaps.  Or maybe I just like what I like...

Anyway-- I wasn't at all impressed with Emily Giffin's writing skills, but I couldn't help feeling like I was reading a story about me and my group of friends; therefore, I liked it.  A girl (brunette) turns 30.  She is unlucky in love, hates her job, and begins having an affair with her "best friend's" fiance.  Full of drama, romance, betrayal, and lust... Can't beat it with a stick when it comes to a saucy, sexy beach read, am I right?!  Plus--it is always so fun to go see the movie once you've read the book.  I recommend it!  Best part is there is a sequel--  Something Blue.  I'm picking it up from my friend Lanie tomorrow! 

I'm glad to be back home... It's unnatural to be out of my routine that long unless I'm traveling through the likes of Europe.  I WILL say that the highlight of my trip was on Thursday evening.  My family opted to go out to dinner, and I politely declined remarking that is my last full day there, and I wanted to be on the beach for magic hour.  I've always found it annoying that the moment in the day when the wind and the waves and the sun are at their most sublime-- that's when people choose to pack up their chairs and umbrellas and head for the house. I was out there until sun myself, book in hand...  I couldn't help looking around and thinking that I knew a secret that no one else knew.  No reservations or agenda or time table.. just me on a sandy white beach looking at the Gulf of Mexico at sunset.  It truly was magical.

In other vacation related news--  I found that cinnamon toothpaste is still really good.  I like to buy little travel size toiletry items when I go on a trip.  I don't know why.  I have always done this.  I think it may be because they are like little baby versions of my regular every day toiletries, and well-- I love babies! Ha.  At any rate-- those people at the Close-Up factory sure know their stuff!  I think I may have to invest in a non-miniature version of the stuff!

Until next time (which I hope to be sooner rather than later)
Yours ever,