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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm So Happy it is FINALLY Spring Time That I'm Posting a Big, Long, Rambling Collection of Thoughts, Happenings, and Musings!

Well,  I am BACK!  Did anybody miss me?  I missed you guys a lot, and honestly I don't have anything grand to post about today but I did want to check in with a few thoughts, happenings, goings on... AND tell you that although I haven't been writing on HERE... I have been writing!  I started a NEW novel (go big or go home, you know?), and I finished a children's book.  That's right, I finished it... working on a second with my friend Emily... so this blogging thing is having its intended effect!   And let's see what else... OH--- I joined a band.  We named ourselves The Porch Swingers and so far we only know 7 songs... but whatever, we're still a BAND.  Also, I bought a hammock that I LOVE and I've logged several hours reading in it so far.  My new book is called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Jury is still out on this one.. but perhaps I'll blog about it when I'm done.  Additionally, my friend Brandon is building a privacy fence for me in my back yard.  I will be SO excited to have it up, so that I can walk around outside in my pj's and porch dance to my heart's content without feeling like I am being spied on by my neighbors... because-- right now-- I'm pretty sure I am.  So that's kind of a lot going on, right? 

In other news, here are some other random thoughts/occurances I felt  were worth sharing.  And because I know some of you are thinking it--- No, I don't want to BE Aaron Karo, all right?!  I just relate to the guy, geez.
Here goes:

----Remember the good old days when your computer would freeze up and all you had to do was hit
"ctrl alt delete" and you heard that little whirring sound and everything began rebooting and all was right in the cyber universe again?  Not so anymore, my friends!  I mean-- is it even a command anymore?!  I work from a PC (no judging-- LUKE) and I'm tellin' you it does nothing for me anymore.  Now I have to wait for a bit, punch the POWER OFF button, wait some more, then power it back on, where I proceed to wait some more... and only THEN do I start to hear the whirring and rebooting sounds... boooooo.

----So the "skinny jean" or "jegging" is all the rage these days.  I have several pair in several colors and I quite like the versatility of being able to cuff them, roll them under, tuck them down into boots... It's great!  The other day though, I found myself needing to do laundry, so I put on a pair of white jeans from LAST season.  I actually found myself  looking in the mirror and thinking to myself: "Hmm....maybe I should tight roll these?"  Hahahaha.  Awesome. 

----I babysat for these two little angel babies last weekend.  Literally, they looked like angels.  Ringlet blonde hair, blue eyes, bronzed skin-- so cute.  I tucked Mary Teal (age 4) into bed and she told me that she couldn't go to sleep until she said her prayers... so I said okay and asked her if she wanted me to pray with her.  She said she knew her own prayer and didn't need my help but that I could listen to her say it if I wanted... 
Um... YES, PLEASE, sweet angel baby that was already too much for my soul!  Then she continued with this prayer in a much louder voice than I ever thought a child (especially THIS child) capable:

NOW I LAY ME (she paused for affect)... DOWN TO SLEEP (pause)... I PRAY THE LORD (pause)

IF I SHOULD DIE (pause) ... BEFORE I WAKE (pause)....THEN I PRAY THE LORD (pause)


It was so sweet/hysterical that I had tears in my eyes.  Much like the first time I saw THIS:

----And last but not least, having been inspired by my "sister"  I've joined a boot camp March 1 and have been attending 3 to 5 times a week for 6 weeks now.  I feel a lot better, toner, and have been super sore for a full 42 days... but I like it... at least I know I'm doing something.

Okay, that's it.  That's all I've got for now-- oh wait-- except (this applies only to the people reading this in Tunica so the rest of you can stop here if you want)  I will be making an appearance at Crawfish Alley Thursday night and Friday during the day to eat some mud bugs, drink some beers, and hopefully get to hug your necks and catch up on all that's going on with YOU.  Yay that spring has finally sprung!  Bring on the summer!

Yours ever,