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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi all,

The lazy days of summer have been just that, but we have much to catch up on...

Let's start with this:
I mean--- whaaaaa?  I'm sure you've all seen this on the news by now.  He was drunk, he was naked, he was driving a Pontiac Trans Am.  I repeat, whaaat?  But--you should hear how country radio is railing on him up here in Nashville.  Seriously, with friends like that--who needs enemies??  Mr. Travis helped put you on the MAP, country radio!  It seems this guy has a serious alcohol problem and needs to get help.  I've had his song "Baptism" rolling around in my head ever since his horrendous mug shot popped up on my tv.  That's not a bad thing.. That's an awesome thing.  Please enjoy this song, courtesy of the man himself.  For real-- just click play and finish reading this blog entry as you listen to it.  You won't be sorry.  I'm rootin' for ya, Randy!  Praying for you too.
In other alcohol related news-- my friend Layton and I went and had a BIG time out on the town a few weekends ago.  We took a cab home (note to self, Randy Travis) and I persuaded the driver to run through Krystal before we got home.  I haven't done this a lot since college, but it happens every now and again.  Anyway-- we got back to Layton's house with our food and she had this HUGE bottle of ketchup in her refrigerator.  Like one of those ones from Costco... You know what I'm talking about??  And it was full.  And she got it out and was shaking it vigorously, and I mean vigorously, in an attempt, I presume, to rid any of the watery red tented ooze that can happen if you're not careful.  So she's shakin' shakin' shakin' it and WAM!!!        Drops it... ...  RIGHT. ON. MY. FOOT.  It hurt so bad.  I mean-- soooo bad.  I started crying real tears right there in her kitchen.  Just slumped down on the floor crying and held my foot and looked into her eyes as if she was Satan's lap dog.  She felt so bad and honestly-- it would have been funny if I hadn't been in such PAIN.  I thought  surely it was broken, but alas-- it was not.  Just a little blood blister on my pinky toe the next day.  The price you pay to the party gods, I guess.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Moving on... I've recently returned from a trip out West.  Not the wild, wild West (dang), but rather Los Angeles and San Diego.  I got to see my good friend Luke in LA and we toured the Paramount Lot where he works which was super cooool.  I got to see fake Chicago and fake New York and all KINDS of things.  I wanted to get a picture of myself on the steps of one of the NYC Brownstones doing my best "Carrie Bradshaw" impersonation, but we were pressed for time, a security guard was eyeballing us, and I wasn't wearing the right shoes... Bummer. We hopped on a train on Sunday to San Diego.  It was a lovely way to travel.  I highly recommend it if you have the chance.  Oversized seats that lean wayyyy back.  A drink car that serves alcohol and views like this one all the live long day...
Luke got a little reading done whilst we were chuggin' along.  I'm included this next picture just for my own enjoyment, as I don't think he will like it much.  Ha.  I call it-- "Luke, on a Train."
San Diego was mostly work, but I tell you, it. is. beautiful. there.  I'd like to go back one day soon just for fun.  It is 70 degrees YEAR ROUND there, can you believe it?  I'm not sure why we all don't just move out there, honestly.  I logged some serious time in meetings, went night swimming, and ate some EXCELLENT Mexican food just in time to avoid death by starvation. Perhaps that's why it tasted SO good.  :)

I think that's all I have for you today, folks.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Thanks so much for reading.

As always,
Yours ever,