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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Weddin', Some Old Digs, & Some Blankets & Some Pigs

Friends, Bloggies, Countrymen:

I have missed you! Life has been crazy working with 2 clients and trying to keep up with my busy social life.  I'm looking forward to more free time starting next week when my 10 day meeting ends.  Until then, I found some time this afternoon to post a post.  I hope life is treating everyone well, and I thank you for stopping in to read after such a long cyber absence. Now let's get right down to it!

My good friend Nathan got married in Natchez, Mississippi last weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding and we all had a great time soaking in the history and local culture there.  See?
Longwood Mansion:  We toured on Friday when we got into town

The Hefley's hosted us for dinner.  So much fun!  We stopped to pose for a Porch Picture

Just for fun
Walking in to the out of towners breakfast Saturday Morning
The reception got pretty crazy and we ended up at this bar called The Saloon.  Late night found us back at another friends house, but I will refrain from using his actual name to protect the innocent (and ridiculous). Let's call him: "Templeton". 

Anyway- we are raiding the fridge around 3 am and I was like - "Templeton!  What did you do to your back?!  You have a huge bruise."  And Templeton explained that he had tried to perform an epic dance move at the reception that went totally all wrong and he landed on his hip/back/side.  BUT-- he went on to explain that no one saw the epic fail-- and upon trying this move a second time, he nailed it! We were a little concerned because to me this was a kind of a serious looking bruise:
That is--- until I saw this one:

I mean--- can you even believe this?!  This is him two days later!!!

Don't anyone worry.  Templeton is going to be fine.  He went to the Doctor and found out he has a fractured spine.  Not from the aforementioned failed dance move though. Turns out he's had a fractured spine for a while and were it not for this bruise he may have never found out and just gone on his whole life thinking he had severe lower back pain!  (whaaaaaat?!).  True story.

Templeton's house is very old.  Beautiful!!  But old.  You can imagine my state of mind at 3:30a.m. during an out of town wedding weekend.  Sometimes I do weird things when I've had too much to drink, but who am I kidding??  (I would have totally done this sober too).   I asked my friend, Yen, to take a picture of me in my bed pretending to be dead.
 I like to call this photo:  "Dead Bed".

I think it turned out pretty good, no?

In other news, some of us got together for a game night this past Saturday, and I decided to make Pig & Blankets.  First of all they are underrated as far as party snacks are concerned.  They were a hit! Secondly, (and this may just be my biological clock rearing it's ugly head), BUT---- I never realized how much they actually look like tiny babies wrapped up in blankets!!

I mean -- right?!
Look closer!!!!

So cute!  I felt a little guilty putting them  in a 375 degree oven, but alas-- they came out so delicious!

Here's hoping I'm back to blogging on a regular (monthly) basis.  Until next time,

Yours ever,