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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Movie Family

I've always sort of thought about who I would want to play me in the movie of my life.. (you know-- if they ever made a movie of my life...)  I kind of thought everybody did this, yes?

Apparently NOT-- because when I ask my friends who they would want to play them in the movie of their life-- most of them give me a look like --"I don't have time for such games, fool!"

But when I texted my family to see who they would want to play them in the movie of  THEIR lives; they responded with GREAT ENTHUSIASM.   I sent everyone the exact same text at the exact same time: 

Tom and Laura responded first with "Cedric the Entertainer and Queen Latifah" accordingly.  I told them this was serious!! And to start treating it that way!  So they did. (Final results appear below WITH pictures.. no worries).

Sara Whitten texted me back that she would like to be Julia Roberts. I told her that was WAY too cliche... So she came back with Bette Midler.  Ahahahahaha.  Bette Midler?!  Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!  RANDOM.

So then I texted Tom and Laura and told them that Sara Whit wanted to be Bette Midler and we all started dying and firing texts at her telling her how terrible she was at this game and what a hilarious and completely oddball choice Bette Midler was...    It was awesome.

Brother Brian was brief and to the point about who would play him.

I'm pretty sure Momma and Daddy were asleep when the original text went out so we had to do some hypothesizing FOR them.  Tom asked me who I thought should play Momma and I said that was easy.  That I thought Sally Field should play Momma.  Then they all asked me and asked who I thought should play Daddy in the movie and I said "The coach from Remember the Titans."  I got three text responses that just read: "Denzel Washington?!"
Ahahahaha.  Clearly--    No.  He looks nothing like my daddy.  But this guy does. 

My parents got in on the game bright and early the next morning.  Mom texted at 8am to say she couldn't think of her name--but she wanted to be "the the star of Pretty Woman."  Like mother like daughter!  She said she might change her mind before film day though.

Daddy, not being much of a texter, called me to talk about who would play him and we finally narrowed it down to two very strong contenders... One barely inched out the other (George Peppard and Tom Selleck)  So, without further ado, may I present to you-- My Movie Family!:

Real Daddy

"Movie Daddy" - George Peppard

My real Momma

Movie Momma
Brother Brian

Brother Bruce
Sara Whitten, my sis
Jennifer Garner.  Hey-- she's no Bette Midler, but she'll do. 
Tom-- my brother
Tim--my brother
The beautiful LauraFrazier
Laura's movie version self
Yours truly
Yours movie.  She sings AND acts AND loves cotton.  Just like me.  :)
I just wanted to add a picture of this little nugget for good measure.  She could probably play herself.  She is such a hoot to be around and will basically do anything you tell her to...

I have video proving as much about Lilly girl, but I can't figure out how to load it.  I also tried for HOURS (okay maybe 30 minutes) to get all these pictures to post side by side-- but alas... it was to no avail.  My blogging skills are lacking but this does make for two posts in one week.  A new record for me!

Would love to hear who would play you in the movie of YOUR lives if you feel so inclined as to share with me.  

Love yall!  Mean it!

Yours ever,