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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ode to Ashwood & My New Abode

Let me start by apologizing for my brief hiatus. I overestimated the power of the internet gods and their ability to get to me quickly in my new house. I FINALLY have everything up and running over here in Crieve Hall, and I am loving it!

I fully intend on filling you all in on my first week adventures of living alone in my new house. And OKAY--I'll post some pictures soon, but FIRST, I must bid a proper farewell to the "Big house on Ashwood" and it's many, many inhabitants and memories.

Heidi, Shelly, Yennie, Lanie, Melissa, Jonathan, Matt Dobson, Nathan Burns, Zach Davis, Zach Watson, Will White, and David Hefley... to name a few... We sure had a good time, didn't we? A-- no shower Saturdayin', Spring Breakin' at the Red Door 2009, porch dancin', dog losin', wine drinkin', Sportsmans walkin', crib paitin', bluegrass listenin', Steeplechase after-partyin', ceiling cavin' in, everyone knows where our hide-a-key is and they're not afraid to use it-- good time! Did I mention the cRaZy sleep-walkin' ex-marine? Hahahahha-- okay, well-- now I just did.

Shelly--have we really only lived together ONE year? Seems like WAY longer, my friend. I guess it could have been the 2 and 1/2 yrs spent at The Compound. Too bad I didn't have a blog then... Boy, if that fence could talk! I sure am glad we both decided to go that Super T concert back in 2003. Nashville nightlife has never been the same, and neither has mine. Not sure what I'll do with you not living 20 ft away from me anymore. Guess we'll just have to talk on the phone a lot. I'm sure glad we didn't die in that wreck after the John Prine Concert by the way.

Heidi, my love! I'm so glad I had the chance to live with you this past year. I love your "big Texas hair" and all of our porch chats, and raiding your closet(s), and listening to your infectious laugh! No one says it better than Toby Keith if you ask me:
HEIDI ! She's a HEIDI !!! Got a smokin' little body !
String bikini and a barbed-wire tat
She's a rockin' that cowboy hat!
HEIDI ! She's a HEIDI !!! and just a little bit naughty !
Kayay digidigy, Kayay digidigy, yey HEY hey hey HEY ...

Ahahahahaaha. That just never gets old. Really :)
Love you. Mean it!

Yennie-- my Crazian friend. I loved living upstairs in the sorority house with you! We miss you a ton but know California was the adventure your SOUL was yearning for. That Matt Dobson is a lucky guy! Thanks for being so good with "gadgets"... ... and for only cooking that wretched fish ONCE.

Okay-- that takes care of my mates. I'll fill you all in on my new house-- briefly-- because it is currently 3:43am.

So far, I like it. And I haven't even had a cable or internet for a week, so that's really saying something, don't you think? There's never a "line" to use the washer and dryer; I get to park where everI want; Nothing I was really craving has disappeared from the fridge yet, AND I get to walk around naked! What's not to love?!

Oh-- except these abominable crickets that I keep finding everywhere! FOUR of them to be exact... and counting. Also-- I had an alarm system put in at the insistence of several of my male friends. I'm not a scaredy cat. Not even close. And I'm glad. Although-- I think it's possible to be a little extreme on both ends of the spectrum.

Last night, for instance-- the wind was really bad. I woke up around 4:30 and it sounded EXACTLY like someone was in my house. I literally thought-- I'm too tired to get up... I sure hope they don't kill me. Dear Lord, I'm so tired. Please don't let them kill me." And then just like that... I was snoozin' again. I know what you all are thinking, and hey-- there very well may be something wrong with me. But at least I'm not losing sleep over it, right?

Here's to the weekend! I hope yall have a great one.