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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lovin' Summer had me Ablast

I can't believe summer has come and gone already.  I started mine off with a bang by heading to Gulf Shores, AL for the Hangout Music Festival.  It was my 2nd year to attend but it most definitely won't be my last.  It's pretty much the best place on earth.  Perfect weather. All my favorite bands playing RIGHT ON THE BEACH.  If you wanna nap?  You just lay down and take a nap.  Amazing food. The outfits. Oh the outfits!  Running into friends you knew were going to be there.  Running into friends you DIDN'T know were going to be there. I'm telling you -- it's just the best.

I left there and went to Sea Island, GA for the first time with 12 of my friends.  It was quite possibly the fanciest, most beautiful place I've ever been inside or outside of the U.S., and we had a great time. We also drank too much on our last day there and made up a dance routine to "Walk Like a Man" so we could perform it for the rest of our group that had gone to play golf that day.  I tried and tried to post the video, but I couldn't figure out how.  The best I could do was to post these snapshots, but you get the picture. Pretty ridiculous hilarious.  You're welcome!

I'm almost done with my tales from the beach, but what about when you take a chapstick or lipstick out of your beach bag and you get that one tiny grain of sand in your mouth-- but you don't realize it 
until you crunch down on it with your teeth... I love that!

Let's move on to Facebook.  You know what I really would like to do all the time sometimes when people post pictures of their children every single minute and they get about 100 comments of "Adorable!!"  or "Oh, he is precious!" or "Just beautiful!"  I'd like to write, "Meh.  He's all right." And just see what happens.  Bahahahhaa.  I laugh out loud just thinking about it, but can't bring myself to actually ever do it. 

I watch a lot of Datelines.  And I mean A LOT of Datelines, and I will just never understand how these people plotting murders over the phone from prison just DON'T KNOW they are being recorded.  I mean-- whaaaaat?!  

You know what else I don't understand: Corned beef.  What is that exactly?  Beef... that has been corned?  You can see how I'd be confused. 

I'm excited about all fall has to offer and am staying super busy with life, work, tinder etc.. There's even talk of my band getting back together!  

Until next time bloggies and bloggarinas (your guess is as good as mine!)   

Yours ever, 


Monday, June 17, 2013

A Weddin', Some Old Digs, & Some Blankets & Some Pigs

Friends, Bloggies, Countrymen:

I have missed you! Life has been crazy working with 2 clients and trying to keep up with my busy social life.  I'm looking forward to more free time starting next week when my 10 day meeting ends.  Until then, I found some time this afternoon to post a post.  I hope life is treating everyone well, and I thank you for stopping in to read after such a long cyber absence. Now let's get right down to it!

My good friend Nathan got married in Natchez, Mississippi last weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding and we all had a great time soaking in the history and local culture there.  See?
Longwood Mansion:  We toured on Friday when we got into town

The Hefley's hosted us for dinner.  So much fun!  We stopped to pose for a Porch Picture

Just for fun
Walking in to the out of towners breakfast Saturday Morning
The reception got pretty crazy and we ended up at this bar called The Saloon.  Late night found us back at another friends house, but I will refrain from using his actual name to protect the innocent (and ridiculous). Let's call him: "Templeton". 

Anyway- we are raiding the fridge around 3 am and I was like - "Templeton!  What did you do to your back?!  You have a huge bruise."  And Templeton explained that he had tried to perform an epic dance move at the reception that went totally all wrong and he landed on his hip/back/side.  BUT-- he went on to explain that no one saw the epic fail-- and upon trying this move a second time, he nailed it! We were a little concerned because to me this was a kind of a serious looking bruise:
That is--- until I saw this one:

I mean--- can you even believe this?!  This is him two days later!!!

Don't anyone worry.  Templeton is going to be fine.  He went to the Doctor and found out he has a fractured spine.  Not from the aforementioned failed dance move though. Turns out he's had a fractured spine for a while and were it not for this bruise he may have never found out and just gone on his whole life thinking he had severe lower back pain!  (whaaaaaat?!).  True story.

Templeton's house is very old.  Beautiful!!  But old.  You can imagine my state of mind at 3:30a.m. during an out of town wedding weekend.  Sometimes I do weird things when I've had too much to drink, but who am I kidding??  (I would have totally done this sober too).   I asked my friend, Yen, to take a picture of me in my bed pretending to be dead.
 I like to call this photo:  "Dead Bed".

I think it turned out pretty good, no?

In other news, some of us got together for a game night this past Saturday, and I decided to make Pig & Blankets.  First of all they are underrated as far as party snacks are concerned.  They were a hit! Secondly, (and this may just be my biological clock rearing it's ugly head), BUT---- I never realized how much they actually look like tiny babies wrapped up in blankets!!

I mean -- right?!
Look closer!!!!

So cute!  I felt a little guilty putting them  in a 375 degree oven, but alas-- they came out so delicious!

Here's hoping I'm back to blogging on a regular (monthly) basis.  Until next time,

Yours ever,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Working Hard & Playing Hard

Happy New Year, Bloggies!

So, there are a lot of "firsts" happening in this post.  It's my first post of 2013 (my, how time flies), it's the first time someone has requested that I blog about something specific (yes, I'm that big of a deal), and that "specific thing" happens to be my first Pure Barre class.

Like a lot of you, I'm sure--I spend the first few months of the year trying to get in shape, and lose that extra, inevitable holiday weight..  This year is no exception, so I thought I'd blog about some exercise classes I've been to recently, and then move on to a few other things.

Ahem.  Here goes.

My friend Holly gave me a gift certificate for a Pure Barre class for my birthday in November.  I just got around to using it in this new year.  I had no idea what to expect.  I showed up in my work out gear, and they asked me to remove my shoes to which I thought:  Whaaaaaaat??  What kind of hippy sh*t is this?!  I thought I was here to WORK.  

But work, we did, my friends.

It's actually hard to explain, but the whole class takes place on a ballet bar and you are doing small muscle movements.  They are concentrated, slow, focused, and you will sweat and you will shake and you will hurt for the entire duration of the class.  (Don't even talk to me about the next day).  We got started and there were all these women in there-- all ages, all sizes, all shapes, and they were killing it--- and I was thinking-- Is this for REAL?!  Are these people serious?!  Surely this won't last the whole hour...   But it did.

I swear, there were times when I thought my muscles might burn right out of my skin.

I've also been doing machine pilates at the Y.  I love it, because while I am only 32, my back thinks that it is 91 and the stretching and exercises we do in that class really help with my back pain.  You still have to do cardio though, if you want to see results- so what I'm getting at basically, is 45 minutes of cardio + 60 minutes of pilates = a long day at the gym.  But I recommend it if you have the time. Which I do some days. #Iamblessed.

I also tried out a new gym (because your first class is free).  My girlfriend Layton is a big fan of it, and I said I'd go because you know, I'll try anything once... twice if it's fun...  She raves about the trainer there- Josh... and rightly so.  This man is the fittest, prettiest, wittiest, homosexual in Nashville (possibly the world).  He has you run on these "special" treadmills, which would be more suitably named "deathmills."  They incline at the push of a button-- so you know-- 5% 10% 15% 20% all the way up to 30% which is pretty much the incline up Mount Everest ( I mean-- I can't be sure about that... but it was STEEP.) Trust me.  And the whole time you are running and working, he's yelling (with a lisp) for you to "WORK IT, GIRL! ! !"  "WORK IT LADIES."  "NO PAIN, NO GAIN, GIRLS", "I WANNA SEE YOU WORKIN' IT!", as he skips back and forth on his iPod between songs by Girl Talk and wait for it-- Ace of Base.  It was awesome.   Did I mention that he also trains several contestants for the Miss America Pageant?  Double awesome.  I mean--why wouldn't he?

Which brings me to the circuit training class at the Y I've been into lately.  It's convenient for me because I work from home and it meets at noon.  It's a great break in the middle of the day.  I saw it on the schedule and thought - "I'll give it a whirl" because of the timing.  I really didn't know what I was getting into, but I walked in and over half of the class were males -- so-- I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Truer words never spoken as it turns out, because that class is HARD. Sometimes we're in the studio, but almost always go out to the track at some point.  It's lots of cardio in the form of running, high knees, burpees, lunges, pushups, squats, etc.. then moves in to some strength training involving weights and ab work.  INTENSE.  But you feel so great afterward.  The trainer could be a LITTLE more encouraging if you ask me.  He's getting better but there's not a whole lot of "almost there, guys-- you can do it" happening BUT I think I've figured out why.  There are about three ladies in there that just want to talk the whole time.  They are doing their exercises, but TALKING THE WHOLE TIME.  It's the strangest thing.  Like today-- we are on our mats doing abs and so the room is quiet except for a little "No Diggity" in the background and these ladies are on opposite ends of the room screaming to each other about the last book they read, the outfit they got on sale, their kids school bake sale.  I'd find it super annoying if it weren't so comical.  Ha.  Seriously.

Anyway-- it's a bit ironic to bring this up NOW since I've been talking about shaping up this whole post  BUT some friends and I were reminiscing the other day about good times at weddings (of which I've had many).  LauraFrazier requested that I sing  Patti Griffin's "Heavenly Day" for her first dance with her husband (my brother) at her wedding.  She had the band learn it and everything.  I love that song, and was honored to sing it for them.  Afterwards-- one of her friends that I didn't know THAT well, came up to me and said she was in the adjoining room when I started the song and she walked in expecting to see "a big fat black woman" on the mic.  Still--one of the greatest compliments I've ever received.  :)

And speaking of Tom and LauraFrazier, they have moved out to "Momma & Daddy's house" down in the Delta, and I took a few friends there to duck hunt, ride ATV's, drink too much, and gamble a couple of weeks ago.  We had a blast.  I'd tell you hilarious stories, but "what happens in Tunica stays in Tunica" so I can't.  BUT-- what is a blog post without a few pictures, right?  So I'll close with these. #Iwishihadtakenmore.

Ready to ride!

Good for the soul

Nice pants, Sean.  I mean-- Laura.

ATV Action

Dinner at the Hollywood.  Wait-where's Brad?
You get kicked out for taking pictures in a casino. #Wedidntknowthat

As always,
Yours ever,

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words... and I Owe You All At Least That Much, Considering how Long it's been Since My Last Post!!

Merry Christmas Bloggies! 

I know.  I know.  Don't even say it.  It's been too long.  And I don't even really have an excuse.

(Okay that's not true).  I do have an excuse.  I got a brand new big deal iPhone 4S and forgot to save the things listed on my handy dandy notepad.  And there was a LOT on that handy dandy notepad.  No telling how much ridiculousness just vanished with my ole iPhone 3G.  Also-- you know-- just LIFE has kind of gotten in the way.  I've been busy!  Here's a quick recap:

New Client
We plan continuing education seminars for healthcare professionals.  I started in October(I think) and so far I'm really enjoying it.  I'm getting to work with a great group of folks, not to mention, one of my besties, Shelly Gary, who also got me the gig (shout out!).  Here is a picture of us from last weekend looking super professional. 
Just kidding.  That's not how we dress for work. 

New Projects Around the House (Office)
(because who doesn't love a good before and after shot?  Am I right?)

New Projects Around the House (Guest Bedroom)

New Boyfriend

New Boots

I mean-- did yall know that tall boots come in "wide calf" now?  Best.thing.that' 

New Holiday Flare for My Front Door
... ... Which, my friends, FINALLY brings us to Christmas time! ! ! 

I'm excited!  I don't mind that it's still 65 degrees.  I like it, actually.  I'm headed South in the morning and will do a quick tour o' Mississippi before I land at my parents' house on Christmas Eve.  I've got friends to visit, parties to attend, a niece and nephew to squeeze... all starting tomorrow, and I can't wait! 

I need to get something off my chest though before I go... 

Can we all just take a moment and talk about some of these Christmas themed  made-for-tv-"movies" ?  (I use quotes as not to offend any real thespians and/or screenwriters out there). I have such a love/hate relationship with them, and this happens to me year after year after year.

They seem to have such potential in the previews and then I sit through the ENTIRE thing (not once have I been able to turn one off) but I am always left underwhelmed, dissatisfied, kvetching.  It's just kind of amazing how anti-climatic and bad they all are, right?  But I watch them.  Oh, how I watch them.  Every.damn.year.  I watch them.

The one I watched tonight was called Christmas with Holly

They tricked me!  Again!  It was mostly awful. 

Some other notably bad ones include (but are not limited to) A Princess for Christmas.  Anybody seen this one where this attractive, young, woman assumes guardianship of her niece and nephew and they travel to Europe and stay in a castle with an estranged relative where she falls in love with a prince who she is somehow not already related to?!  Ahahahaha.  Ridic.

And what is up with 73% of these holiday films comprising young, attractive, unmarried men and women losing a sibling and having to take on the responsibility of their kiddos?  Do they not KNOW that this has been done already??

I do have a special place in my heart for the one where Michael Keaton dies and comes back to hang out with his son in the form of a snow man. 
He's gonna melt at the end, yall.  Consider yourself warned. :(

But nothing --and I mean nothing-- tops the one where the girl from Charles in Charge hates her current life so much that she crawls through the washing machine in her basement and comes out on the other side married to her high school sweetheart, getting to experience her life as it "would" have been.  "Should" have been? Whatever.  The point is-- everyone should see this at least once.  Maybe it's the element of time travel to the whole thing-- but I just can't change the channel if it's on tv.  I have to sit there and watch the whole, dang, awesomely atrocious thing.
You should too.  Ahahahahha.

I could jabber on about these all night (No. Really. I could).  But I think it is time to put my tiny wine glass away and call it a night.  For I have packing to do and minutes to type in the A.M. 

I thank you all for reading my blog this year.  I love sharing my life with you and every one of your "thumbs ups", commentaries, and comments make me smile.  :) It has been a year of much joy...much sadness... laughter... romance... love... loss...disappointment... some highs... some lows... and every thing in between.  "That's life, " as they say...

At the end of it all though, I know that I have so so much for which to be thankful.  I cherish my family, my friendships, my job, my health, and my faith as we come to the end of yet another year, and I wonder how it has all passed by so quickly.

I'm sending much light and love to you all tonight.   Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas wherever you are! 

Until next year, I bid you adieu. 
As always, yours ever.

"Aunt My"

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi all,

The lazy days of summer have been just that, but we have much to catch up on...

Let's start with this:
I mean--- whaaaaa?  I'm sure you've all seen this on the news by now.  He was drunk, he was naked, he was driving a Pontiac Trans Am.  I repeat, whaaat?  But--you should hear how country radio is railing on him up here in Nashville.  Seriously, with friends like that--who needs enemies??  Mr. Travis helped put you on the MAP, country radio!  It seems this guy has a serious alcohol problem and needs to get help.  I've had his song "Baptism" rolling around in my head ever since his horrendous mug shot popped up on my tv.  That's not a bad thing.. That's an awesome thing.  Please enjoy this song, courtesy of the man himself.  For real-- just click play and finish reading this blog entry as you listen to it.  You won't be sorry.  I'm rootin' for ya, Randy!  Praying for you too.
In other alcohol related news-- my friend Layton and I went and had a BIG time out on the town a few weekends ago.  We took a cab home (note to self, Randy Travis) and I persuaded the driver to run through Krystal before we got home.  I haven't done this a lot since college, but it happens every now and again.  Anyway-- we got back to Layton's house with our food and she had this HUGE bottle of ketchup in her refrigerator.  Like one of those ones from Costco... You know what I'm talking about??  And it was full.  And she got it out and was shaking it vigorously, and I mean vigorously, in an attempt, I presume, to rid any of the watery red tented ooze that can happen if you're not careful.  So she's shakin' shakin' shakin' it and WAM!!!        Drops it... ...  RIGHT. ON. MY. FOOT.  It hurt so bad.  I mean-- soooo bad.  I started crying real tears right there in her kitchen.  Just slumped down on the floor crying and held my foot and looked into her eyes as if she was Satan's lap dog.  She felt so bad and honestly-- it would have been funny if I hadn't been in such PAIN.  I thought  surely it was broken, but alas-- it was not.  Just a little blood blister on my pinky toe the next day.  The price you pay to the party gods, I guess.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Moving on... I've recently returned from a trip out West.  Not the wild, wild West (dang), but rather Los Angeles and San Diego.  I got to see my good friend Luke in LA and we toured the Paramount Lot where he works which was super cooool.  I got to see fake Chicago and fake New York and all KINDS of things.  I wanted to get a picture of myself on the steps of one of the NYC Brownstones doing my best "Carrie Bradshaw" impersonation, but we were pressed for time, a security guard was eyeballing us, and I wasn't wearing the right shoes... Bummer. We hopped on a train on Sunday to San Diego.  It was a lovely way to travel.  I highly recommend it if you have the chance.  Oversized seats that lean wayyyy back.  A drink car that serves alcohol and views like this one all the live long day...
Luke got a little reading done whilst we were chuggin' along.  I'm included this next picture just for my own enjoyment, as I don't think he will like it much.  Ha.  I call it-- "Luke, on a Train."
San Diego was mostly work, but I tell you, it. is. beautiful. there.  I'd like to go back one day soon just for fun.  It is 70 degrees YEAR ROUND there, can you believe it?  I'm not sure why we all don't just move out there, honestly.  I logged some serious time in meetings, went night swimming, and ate some EXCELLENT Mexican food just in time to avoid death by starvation. Perhaps that's why it tasted SO good.  :)

I think that's all I have for you today, folks.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Thanks so much for reading.

As always,
Yours ever,

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summa Time


It's been too long! 

You all probably know that I love summer.  I love the water, I love the sun, I love sitting on my patio at night.  It's also the season of weddings,and I've been to two thus far.  An observation--if I may: 

Catching the bouquet at a reception doesn't ACTUALLY insure that you will be the next person to get married.

Right?  I mean--everyone knows this I assumed, but I gotta tell you that the last TWO weddings I've been to-- I don't think this was the case.  I was elbowed in the ribs like NOBODY'S BUSINESS at a wedding in Austin in May, and some girl's high heel literally DREW BLOOD from my shin at the wedding I attended just a few weeks ago.  People were fighting to the death, I tell you! It got all Hunger Games up in there for little. Ridiculous.  That's going to have to be the last bouquet toss I force myself to endure.  I've been looking for a way out for years now, and I figure a bruised rib and a scab on my shin are as good excuses as any...

In other summer time news-- I had the pleasure of being invited down to Magnolia, Arkansas for Memorial Day weekend where my band, The Porch Swingers, played a gig (okay, we played on Stacey's parents' back porch... it still counts!).  Her nieces were there and they got out the slip and slide on Sunday morning.  In what probably doesn't come as a shock to any of you following my blog-- I couldn't resist partaking.  We soaped it up really well and had an absolute ball going up and down the slide for hours.  Think: Farthest Slide Competition, Best Trick, Best Jump of the Hump, Best Twist, Best Flip etc...  It was too much.  I woke up the next day and couldn't move.  I kid you not.  The pain lasted almost a week.  I was working at my desk a few days later and sneezed three times in a row.  I tell you-- I thought I'd pass out from the pain.  

Does anyone remember this show?

Me neither, really.  Sci-Fi fan that I am, I tried to get into it a few years back when it was on and no one ever knew what show I was talking about because I always referred to it as Kylexy.  They really should have spaced out the letters a bit more, am I right?  Anyway-- I've been thinking about it a lot lately because my good friend Erri had a little nugget baby boy very recently and named him Kyle.  I can't get over how cute he is.  See?
I haven't met him yet because he lives in Knoxville, but I have a real affinity for nicknames. Odds are strong I call him Kylexy.  Just sayin'.

And because blog posts are always better when they include a few pics.  Here are a couple of completely random ones for you. 

A tip for all you box wine drinkers out there: 

If you are pushing on the spout and nothing is coming out and you think your box is ready to be thrown away--- think again.  I thought I was dunzo the other night and then fished out the bag inside and still got  what was close to a full pour out of it!  You should always always do this, people.  No need to waste.
I've got a 10 day meeting going on in Nashville right now.  I really try never to complain about my job because I feel so fortunate to have a job that I enjoy and get to do from home.  However, IF I were to have a complaint-- it would be the schlepping.  My chapter saves a lot of money if I go shopping and buy snacks as opposed to paying a hotel or caterer or something like that.  I put my Costco Membership to good use as I am there at least once or twice a week.  Here is a picture of my cart from the other day.

I mean yall should have seen me pushing this thing around.  I'm known for being freakishly strong, so it wasn't unmanageable, but it was about three times my size and people were literally laughing at and heckling me as I rolled by them.  I have to go and buy about twice this much today after I've posted this blog entry.  I'm a little nervous about it, but I've got on my tennis shoes so that I can get some good traction.  I wore sandals the other day when I was pushing this around.  Rookie mistake.

And last but certainly not least... 

I don't pretend to know anything about sports.  I like a good tailgate party, but I rarely even know what season it is...  Despite this, I still really love a good sports movie and this is mainly due to a little thing known as the half-time speechVarsity Blues, Remember the Titans, Rudy, Facing the Giants, the list goes on and on...  I'm always inspired and, truth be told, I usually cry.  However, I came across this on youtube the other day and it made me laugh.  I've probably watched it 15 times.  So stinkin' cute. You really must see this. I hope it brings a big, bright smile to all of your cute faces!

As always, thanks for reading.  Happy Friday!

Yours ever,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Steeplechase is not for everyone... APPARENTLY

I've been waiting for something pretty epic to happen before I blogged again.  My notepad is full of subpar fodder, and, truthfully, I respect you all way too much to waste your time.  So I'll just get right to it...

Steeplechase was this past Saturday in Nashville.  It's supposed to be a horse race but in all my 10 years of attendance, I've never seen so much as a trot or gallop.  Like a lot of other things, it's really just a good reason to get together with your friends, put up tents, let down your tailgates and drink all day.  Ladies wear hats, men pastels, you get the picture.  Anyway-- I opted out this year.  Not sure if I'm growing up or just becoming more anti-social, but  I'd been asked to babysit and figured it was wiser to make some money and put it towards my office renovation than spend a bunch of money on a ticket and be pigeonholed all day.  Plus I hadn't seen my favorite kiddos in over a month, and that's just too long!  Ruff is 13 now and Celeste is 11 and I've been keeping them for 10 + years.  Crazy how time flies... ANYWAY-- Ruff and I were on our way home from dropping Celeste off at a friends dance recital thingy, so it was just us in the car.  We got to a stop sign near their house, and I commented that the car that had the right of way looked like a bunch of Steeplechasers.  It was obvious because they had about 9 people loaded into a 5 person sedan, a cooler on top of their car, and I counted at least two bow ties and one large hat.  It was around 4 o'clock.  They were obviously packing it in early.  Some people just can't hang all day...   Right about the time I was thinking about how lame that was--- this guy hung his head out of the passenger side window and started vomiting.  Everywhere.  I'm not kidding.  His buddy didn't stop the car or anything.  In fact, I think it's safe to say he sped up!  Probably in an effort to get this kid home to his bed, but still--- I don't think it helped the situation. I was like--RUFF-- Are you SEEING this?!!  This 13 year was so grossed out.  Ahahahhahaha.  He was like-- "awwww, man!  He is throwing up, groooooosss!" This guy started wiping his mouth and face with kleenex and throwing them out the window and they would fly back at our windshield and it was seriously pretty terrible. 

After about a mile of this--we got to the road their house is on and needed to make a right turn.  I said-- "Ruff, we're at your road.... but do you want to keep following them??"
His eyes got real big and he kind of perked up and said, "Um, YEA!"
Ahahahhahaah.  So we did. 
It was more of the same for about another mile and then they cut through a gas station parking lot and we lost them.  IT.WAS.AWESOME.

In other, unrelated news, I mentioned in my last post a little bit about how my Mississippi roots run deep.  So deep, in fact, that I can't eat a Wendy's chicken nugget without thinking about how much they resemble the shape of the state of Mississippi.  Right??

Emily and I were having pizza the other night, and I happened to look down at her plate.  Just look at what I saw!  She had unwittingly eaten both of her slices into the shape of the state of Mississippi.  Can you believe that?  I couldn't.  Love it!

Anyway-- I hope all you mother's had a good day yesterday.  I am a bad daughter and didn't make the trek home for the occasion.  I did, however, ship a really good lookin' pair of cowboy boots home for my sweet momma, as she has been wanting a pair for months.  She loves them! 

As always, thanks for reading.
Your's ever,