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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weirdness

Halloween is weird.  I'm not trying to be a giant force of negative energy or anything, but let's face it-- it is.
I don't get why some people (actually lots of people) refer to it as their "favorite holiday."  It's not even a holiday.  Seriously-- nobody misses school or work.  Banks are open, and there is not even a special meal involved.  Ah uh.  Not a holiday.

Also-- every year-- I try and boycott it and not dress up and then end up succumbing to the peer pressure because well, tons of people have these parties and let's face it----I've always been kind of a sucker to peer pressure.  I also like to be thought of as a team player you know...  I hope no one has ever referred to me as a "spoiled sport."   Well, actually, I remember this one time when my siblings and I were playing Candyland with my babysitter, Becky Blue, and I drew Princess Frostine---
Princess Frostine
--which catapulted me to the top of the game AND my competition only for my next draw to lend me the unfortunate hand of Plumpy...
--which was going to send me allllllll the way back down to the bottom of the board... LOOK!
I got SO MAD.  I mean-- I still remember the RAGE I felt. I tore that Plumpy card up SO fast and SO hard and then ran in the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet before Becky Blue even knew what had hit her!  I was labeled a "Spoiled Sport" then and wasn't allowed to play that game for a long time... I also think I got a spanking... Anyway-- I digress.  THE POINT IS-- I just never want people to think that I'm being a spoiled sport again so this year--after weeks of "just saying no" to a costume I caved and went out as a vampire...
Those teeth are rubber and they tasted like it, so I couldn't leave them in all night.  My idea was to sort of be a Twilight Vampire.  Just trying to blend in with modern day society and all that... but without my teeth in--- I just looked like a girl who wears horrible makeup, so it was kind of a bust.

You know what else is a bust?

Man, back in the day--- you couldn't PAY somebody to take these candies off your hands! Hopefully somebody is still out there handing these out on Halloween.  And hopefully, their houses are still getting rolled shortly there afterward.

I was invited to a little wine party last night and opted to be somewhat more than fashionably late because I figured that I would have some Trick Or Treaters come by...  I wanted to hand out candy and see their cutie costumes etc...

I got the good stuff.  Starburst, Reeses Cups, Twix!  Nobody was gonna roll MY house last night!  It started sort of slowly.  One tiny little Sponge Bob with his momma and then nothing for another half hour or so.  Then two little devils showed up.  They were seemingly siblings, and I thought it was weird that they had on the same costume you know, but whatever.  The third time someone knocked on the door presented me with ANOTHER devil and then another and another and another.  I'm not even making this up!

I'm not superstitious or anything.  Never have been.  But all those devils just started to make me feel uncomfortable... so I turned off all my lights and went and had a glass of vino at my friends' house.  You know--just in case. 

All this to say that while many of the Facebook posts I've seen today are lamenting the passing of yet another Halloween, I have to say that I really could not care less.  However, while I usually feel that people can SIMMER DOWN with the pictures of their children on there-- I have to say that some of these Halloween Costume photos are hilarious.  I'll leave you all with a picture of my little niece nugget dressed as Elmo in her sunglasses.
It wasn't even HER costume.  It was some little neighbor boys, but she apparently couldn't resist trying it on.  Who could, really??  I mean-- I totally get it.

Until soon,
Yours ever,  :)