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Friday, June 15, 2012

Summa Time


It's been too long! 

You all probably know that I love summer.  I love the water, I love the sun, I love sitting on my patio at night.  It's also the season of weddings,and I've been to two thus far.  An observation--if I may: 

Catching the bouquet at a reception doesn't ACTUALLY insure that you will be the next person to get married.

Right?  I mean--everyone knows this I assumed, but I gotta tell you that the last TWO weddings I've been to-- I don't think this was the case.  I was elbowed in the ribs like NOBODY'S BUSINESS at a wedding in Austin in May, and some girl's high heel literally DREW BLOOD from my shin at the wedding I attended just a few weeks ago.  People were fighting to the death, I tell you! It got all Hunger Games up in there for little. Ridiculous.  That's going to have to be the last bouquet toss I force myself to endure.  I've been looking for a way out for years now, and I figure a bruised rib and a scab on my shin are as good excuses as any...

In other summer time news-- I had the pleasure of being invited down to Magnolia, Arkansas for Memorial Day weekend where my band, The Porch Swingers, played a gig (okay, we played on Stacey's parents' back porch... it still counts!).  Her nieces were there and they got out the slip and slide on Sunday morning.  In what probably doesn't come as a shock to any of you following my blog-- I couldn't resist partaking.  We soaped it up really well and had an absolute ball going up and down the slide for hours.  Think: Farthest Slide Competition, Best Trick, Best Jump of the Hump, Best Twist, Best Flip etc...  It was too much.  I woke up the next day and couldn't move.  I kid you not.  The pain lasted almost a week.  I was working at my desk a few days later and sneezed three times in a row.  I tell you-- I thought I'd pass out from the pain.  

Does anyone remember this show?

Me neither, really.  Sci-Fi fan that I am, I tried to get into it a few years back when it was on and no one ever knew what show I was talking about because I always referred to it as Kylexy.  They really should have spaced out the letters a bit more, am I right?  Anyway-- I've been thinking about it a lot lately because my good friend Erri had a little nugget baby boy very recently and named him Kyle.  I can't get over how cute he is.  See?
I haven't met him yet because he lives in Knoxville, but I have a real affinity for nicknames. Odds are strong I call him Kylexy.  Just sayin'.

And because blog posts are always better when they include a few pics.  Here are a couple of completely random ones for you. 

A tip for all you box wine drinkers out there: 

If you are pushing on the spout and nothing is coming out and you think your box is ready to be thrown away--- think again.  I thought I was dunzo the other night and then fished out the bag inside and still got  what was close to a full pour out of it!  You should always always do this, people.  No need to waste.
I've got a 10 day meeting going on in Nashville right now.  I really try never to complain about my job because I feel so fortunate to have a job that I enjoy and get to do from home.  However, IF I were to have a complaint-- it would be the schlepping.  My chapter saves a lot of money if I go shopping and buy snacks as opposed to paying a hotel or caterer or something like that.  I put my Costco Membership to good use as I am there at least once or twice a week.  Here is a picture of my cart from the other day.

I mean yall should have seen me pushing this thing around.  I'm known for being freakishly strong, so it wasn't unmanageable, but it was about three times my size and people were literally laughing at and heckling me as I rolled by them.  I have to go and buy about twice this much today after I've posted this blog entry.  I'm a little nervous about it, but I've got on my tennis shoes so that I can get some good traction.  I wore sandals the other day when I was pushing this around.  Rookie mistake.

And last but certainly not least... 

I don't pretend to know anything about sports.  I like a good tailgate party, but I rarely even know what season it is...  Despite this, I still really love a good sports movie and this is mainly due to a little thing known as the half-time speechVarsity Blues, Remember the Titans, Rudy, Facing the Giants, the list goes on and on...  I'm always inspired and, truth be told, I usually cry.  However, I came across this on youtube the other day and it made me laugh.  I've probably watched it 15 times.  So stinkin' cute. You really must see this. I hope it brings a big, bright smile to all of your cute faces!

As always, thanks for reading.  Happy Friday!

Yours ever,