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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving, Whitty on the Roof, and Another Win for the Bulldogs!

I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already!  This year is FLYING.  My family celebrated the holiday at my sister's house this year.  My only contribution to the meal was the alcohol, (shocker)  but I also set the table.  See below.
Pretty right?  I spent the night at Sara Whitten's that night... mostly because I had eaten so much that I felt ill and didn't want to drive anywhere.  Brother Brian and I watched a movie, Robin Hood, of which I understood very little.  I think you need a little more background on that story than we had, but it didn't help matters that Sara Whitten thought she had to have her whole house decorated for Christmas before the sun set on Thanksgiving.  Loudest thing I've ever heard.  I opted OUT of helping because I was so tired from all that L-Tryptophan.

I did pitch in the next morning though.  There was a case of missing garland that I traipsed up in the attic to get... and then I played with baby girl while Sara Whitten hung wreaths on every window in the whole house.  She was serious about it too.  The window in Lilly's room upstairs was painted shut.  You can't have a house missing a window wreath (duh)-- so I convinced Sara Whitten that she needed to climb out through one of the other windows and scale the length of the house on the roof in order to hang one on the window of Lilly Whit's nursery.  It didn't take me long at all to get her to agree.  Then I did a little coaching:

Myra:  "Whitty-- now, you're going to have to get rid of those slippers and go put some tennis shoes so you have some grip.
Sara Whit: Okay, good idea. 
Myra:  Also-- you are going to need to lean TOWARD the house so gravity keeps you up there. 
Sara Whit:  Okay, Okay... Like what do you mean.
(I demonstrate)
Myra:  And you probably need to try and hang on the whole way.  Just remember-- lean TOWARD the house!
Sara Whit: Okay-- I got it.
Myra:  Lilly and I will be in here watching.  And if you do fall... it's not really all that far.  You prob won't even get hurt that badly.
Sara Whit:  MYRA!!  Okay.... Take care of my baby girl. 

And off she went.  Here is a picture of Whitty climbing onto the roof in pursuit of having the perfect holiday house! 
And here is Whitty reaching her goal of the nursery window.  I told Lilly to "Wave to momma!"  Ahahahahahaa.  It's a little dark, but I think you can make it out.
Mission accomplished!  Lilly and I were so proud of her! 

Later the next day I was looking through my pictures though, and I decided that I really needed Sara Whitten to climb back out on the roof and let me take a picture of her from OUTSIDE, in order to make this blog post a lot funnier and more effective.  She said no.

I tried persuading her further by reminding her that so far this year-- I have been flooded, dumped, and forced to spend exorbitant amounts in home improvement projects, and that she should feel sorry for me and get her happy a$s back out on that roof because I was way past due on posting something funny on my blog....   She still said no. 

Nevertheless, here is a picture of the finished project--- since I know you are all on the edge of your seat!:

Next to the Egg Bowl-- that was the most exciting thing that happened to me over the Thanksgiving holidays!  Ha.

Here is Lilly Whit ready to root the Bulldogs to Victory!!
Is that sweatsuit too cute or what?  She didn't go to the game----but we did!

Daddy and I sat together in the midst of ALL Ole Miss folks.  We could tell they hated us.  We didn't want to be annoying so we pretty much kept to ourselves except for when Mississippi State scored.  We were jumping up and down while simultaneously hugging and high fiving like it was nobody's business!!  Hahaha.  So much fun!  One Rebel fan was kind enough to take our photo. 

Goooooo Dawgs!  I still have my fingers crossed that we get the Music City Bowl and all my friends from COLLEGE come up and stay with me for the biggest pallet party this town's ever seen!  It's not looking good though  It's looking like Atlanta.  Anyway-- thanks for reading!  I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday weekend as well! 

Yours ever,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Airport Observations

-Dudes:  Don't ever wear sweatpants.  Ever.

-Babies dressed up on Halloween as wizards are cute.  I'm also pretty sure they have magical powers.

-I'm in Miami, Bitch.  (Apparently a popular t-shirt among those living and/or visiting Miami)

-There is at least one baby girl in the world that snores as loud or loudER than any man I've ever heard or seen, and I sat by her and her mother on the flight from CIA to BNA on Tuesday night.

-Ladies-- Just say no to pajama pants in public.  Noooooo ma'am!

-Excuse me-- Mister?  Do you really need to walk through the airport with that pillow STILL around your neck? 

No.  No you do not.